5 Alternative Recommendations for Kutek Halal Wardah to Look Beautiful Without Disturbing Worship

Wearing kutek or nail dye that is not halal can make Marshalova’s prayers imperfect. For that reason, using halal kutek can be a solution to look beautiful with colorful nails without fear of illegal prayers. Although the wardah halal kutek does not exist, but you can still use other halal kutek that allows for ablution and prayer legally.

Kutek Halal solution for Muslim women

Wardah, who is known as a manufacturer of halal makeup and beauty products, does not have kutek products. Fortunately, there is an alternative to halal wardah kutek that you can use to stay stylish with beautiful nails without skipping the obligation to pray. This type of cuticle is permeable or has pores so that water can enter to wet the nail that is covered with cuticle.

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Recommendation of Halal Kutek to Keep Ablution and Prayer 

Here are some halal kutek products that you can use daily without fear of invalid prayers due to the imperfect ablution process. Alternative Wardah halal kutek products you can get quite easily in makeup stores or through the marketplace.


kutek halal wardah

This halal kutek is a product of a beauty brand from the UK. The unique side of this company is to make products that are free of 12 harmful cosmetic ingredients and vegan friendly. 

The uniqueness of the Nailberry brand increases when they target Muslim consumers by making kutek halal and permeable so that it does not hinder worship activities that require purification activities by using ablution water.

786 Cosmetics

kutek halal wardah

The next halal kutek product in addition to wardah is 786 Cosmetics which has halal certification from Kalamazoo Islamic Center located in Michigan, USA. This product also does not contain ingredients from animals and has not been tested using animals so that it can be used by vegans. 

There are limited edition kutek products that use the names of Islamic cities from around the world such as Jaipur which is pink and Dubai which is creamy yellowish like a desert.

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kutek halal wardah

This cosmetic brand that has the length of Live Your Now also has halal nail polish products. This product is in the Ch2olor Complex range. This name is made based on the chemical formula of H2O water which is the basic ingredient of the halal kutek. 

This cut is permeable when in contact with water so that it can penetrate to the nail. This LYN kutek product includes products that have halal certification from Middle Eastern countries.


kutek halal wardah

The next non -wardah halal kutek product comes from ORLY which launches breathable kutek products or has fine pores that allow air and water to reach the surface of the wearer’s nails. 

This product is a collaboration with Muslim Girl by launching a kutek product labeled #HalalPaint which targets Muslim consumers. This new halal kutek collection has 6 color variations and is equipped with vitamin C, pro-vitamin B5 and argan oil to maintain healthy nails.

Vivre Breath

kutek halal wardah

The United States company also launches kutek products that are free and safe from harmful chemicals and have halal certification. Vivre Breath, as its name suggests, has a porous paint formula that allows air and water to reach the surface of the nail that has been coated with dander. This kutek has quick drying properties and is also durable despite frequent exposure to water.

Those are 5 other alternative recommendations for halal wardah kutek that Marshalova can use for a day without fear of not being able to worship due to imperfect ablution. Which one have you tried, Girls?