5 International School di Jakarta with Incredible Facilities

The school facilities are an important element for supporting students’ learning results. Because of that, many international school di Jakarta strives to provide a wide range of facilities as solutions. These facilities can be academically supported such as classes or libraries the non-academic supported like basketball courts. Here is the list of schools with incredible facilities.

5 International School with Incredible Facilities in Jakarta

  1. Global Sevilla

Global Sevilla ensures the students are fully supported by the various incredible facilities for the learning experience here. Indoor or outdoor, from science to art, create a wide range of opportunities for students to develop their potential. Furthermore, the facilities here include classrooms, school fields, Amphitheater, playground, library, swimming pool, and others.

  1. ACS Jakarta

ACS Jakarta offers the students the opportunities to emphasize their intellectual, emotional, personal, and social growth through dedicated buildings and facilities here. More than that, an amazing classroom area, art room, computer lab, science lab, music room, and library are available at each level of education in this international school di Jakarta.

  1. British School Jakarta

British School Jakarta provides the school area with an expansive green space downtown. So that is why this school becomes the best-resourced school in Asia in terms of sport. It is because there are five tennis courts, a spacious green field, an area for learning games, an Olympic-size swimming pool, a sports center, a gym, and dance studios.

  1. Regality Academy

Regality Academy has excellent school facilities located in the middle of the Indonesian capital, it was built across four floors of apartments in Kuningan. Furthermore, the students can access the apartment facilities such as a gym, swimming pool, dance hall, restaurant, and lobby. More than that, there are also a multifunctional library, auditorium, art room, dance studio, and others.

  1. ACG School Jakarta

ACG School Jakarta offers a modern-safe learning environment for students. Located in a strategic area, this international school di Jakarta is easy to access from everywhere. According to the locations, this school also has incredible facilities including 30 classrooms, a library, science laboratories, music and art rooms, a gymnasium, sports court, swimming pool, and prayer room.

Among those international schools on the list above, Global Sevilla has various incredible facilities that are convenient for students’ learning improvement. It is realized by the multiple sports court, several kinds of learning classrooms, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, a reading corner, and swimming pools. Find the most appropriate school and its facilities for the best learning.