Business Facilities and Shuttle Service in Shangri-La Hotel for Staycation

Shangri-La Hotel is a fabulous place for business travelers. Because this place will give many business facilities and shuttle services. There is much access for you to make your trip easier. Here is a list of the hotel facilities and services that you have to know.

Business Facilities

The business center is one of the facilities in the hotel. In this place, you can find a computer station. If you have to make a business meeting presentation, you may need it a lot. So, the facilities and services will be helpful, especially when you do not have much time. For example, if your partner or manager sends it right before the presentation.

The conference hostess is very kind and patient. If you held a meeting or attend a business appointment there, you will see that they are very skillful and talkative. They are also polite and professional. What you need to do is make sure that you give the right schedule and meeting agenda. So, the conference hostess knows about the rundown.

The conference room is a place to make some appointments, especially in business. Shangri-La Hotel has it too. The area is very spacious and comfortable, with good quality of furniture. You will hear a good quality of the sound systems too. Many meeting facilities are there, so you do not need to worry if you held a business appointment someday.

If you have something to be done with the projector, the types of equipment are ready to use. You can make the presentation more detailed with some data viewed by a projector. It is easy to adjust and the size is matched with a spacious conference room. So, all of the guests or your business partners will get the point.

The photocopier is very important for a businessman. Why is that so? Because some documents have to be copied before you present or lead a meeting. In this place, you can use it, so your task will be done well.

If you are a musician or artist, you can enjoy the facilities in the theatre or auditorium. It is very spacious. You can see many art performances there. You can also use it if you are a musician. That will be very memorable in such a wonderful place.

Nearby Facilities

Not only for business but there are also some nearby facilities that you may need. For example ATM. You can find a beauty salon, gift shop, grocery, hair salon, laundry, shops, and supermarket too. You do not need to worry about your dirty clothes, some snacks, or where to buy souvenirs for your colleagues.

Shuttle Service

Airport transfer with surcharge is available in this hotel. Not only that but there is also a cruise shuttle with surcharge and a ferry terminal shuttle that is also with surcharge. It is simpler for you, especially when this is your first time come to Singapore and stay in this hotel.

So, enjoy your staycation in this hotel. You can go as a business traveler or leisure traveler, but both are good and exciting.

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